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Information related marriages


What is marriage? 

Why we need to marry? 

What are important points to know before getting married?

What are important points to selecting right life partner?

Which type of qualities a Indian women want in a husband as a life partner?

Which type of qualities a Indian men want in a wife as a life partner?

Which is better? Arranged marriage or Love marriage.

Thoughts about the live in relationship.

Hindu marriages and their rituals.

Meaning of saptpadi in hindu marriages

Goddess marriage

Horoscope match - Is it necessary

Pre-marriage health(blood) report - Is it necessary (Thalassemia report)

Marriage, Election and Prime minister

Career and Marriage

A journey from Dowry to Trousseau

A journey from someone daughter to somone's wife

A journey from someone son to someone's husband

Why Pre-marriage counselling, Post-marriage counselling is required? 

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